All companies should plan to give 3 hours of their time during the month of September for a series of webinars with defense users. These webinars will help you further understand defense agencies’ needs and how your capabilities may help solve defense problems. After the webinar series, plan to give 5 hours of your time to develop your submission, due on September 21, 2018. Submissions are your explanation of how your company’s capabilities respond to specific problem statement(s). If your submission is selected as a finalist to participate in Hyper Accelerator Week, prepare to attend 3-4 on-boarding and educational webinars during the month of October. You should also allow time to plan travel and logistics, and conduct further research into problem statements. You may also want to allow some hours to research potential data sets that might help you demonstrate your capability during the Hyper Accelerator Week. Then, on November 13-16, you’ll participate in a 3-day Hyper Accelerator Week, in which you’ll interact with defense users and illustrate how your capabilities fit defense user needs. This will be a 3-day event, inclusive of travel.